What's on

There are a selection of regular activities that happen at the Village Hall each week. You can read more about our regular activities here, or see the timetable of activities below for a brief overview.

There are also a host of special events that take place here at the Village hall. You can read more about our special events here.


Table of Activities

Day Time Activity Contact Telephone
Monday 6.45-7.30am Active Mums    
  9.30-10.30am Pilates    
  9.30-11.30am Childrens Dance    
  11-12 Yoga for New Mums   bostonspayoga@gmail.com
  10.30-11.30 Pilates    
  7.30-9.30 French    
Tuesday 6.30-8pm Yoga    
  9.30 Ashtanga Yoga     
  1.30-2.30 Yoga    
  6-7pm Karate    
  7.30-8.30pm Pilates    
  9-3pm Wise Cafe    
  6.30-8pm Yoga    
Wednesday 9.30-10.30am Pilates    
  9.30am-12.30 Jo Jingles    
  4.30-7.30pm Drama Group    
  7-8.30pm Yoga    
  7.30-9.30pm WI    
  10-4pm Wise Cafe    
  7.30-9.30pm YCA    
Thursday 10.00- noon Zumba for Seniors WiSE  
  9.30-10.30am Pilates    
  9.30-11.30am Baby Ballet    
  6-7pm Zumba    
  6.30 Yoga Gentle yoga with Donna www.boston-spa-acupuncture.com
  9-3pm Wise Cafe    
  7.30pm Yoga    
  7.30-9.30pm Boston Breakaways    
Friday 2-4pm Badminton    
  2-3pm Tai Chi    
  9.45-11.45am Creative Writing    
  6-7pm Karate    
Saturday 8.50-11.30am Baby Ballet    
  2.00-5.00pm Theatreworks    
  5-midnight Jazz in the Spa Les 01937 842636